Why Use Us

  1. We Listen: We know how annoying it can be when you get sent properties that don’t match your requirements. Or worse still, turn up to a viewing and it’s nothing like the one you enquired about or looked like in the photos. Well, we take time to listen to your specific needs and requirements so as to match properties that we think will accurately suit what you’re looking for.
  2. We Care: Renting a home should be an enjoyable process and at James Edward Lettings, we aim to make it just that. We care about the condition of the properties we offer and we will ensure that any requirements you request are carried out to a high standard so as to start the tenancy off on the right foot.
  3. We Won’t Pressure You: We believe it’s important to make an informed decision when deciding to move home which is why we will never pressure you in to making a decision that you’re not completely and utterly sure about. Although the property market does move quickly, you should take your time and we won’t be the ones to rush you unnecessarily.
  4. Your Safety: Your safety as a tenant renting through James Edward Lettings is paramount and all of the properties we create tenancies for meet current standards as dictated by the latest legislation, so you can rest assured that the property is a safe environment to live in. In addition, we will provide with copies of all of the relevant safety certificates attributed to your property.
  5. Inventories & Schedules of Condition: Where we manage a tenancy, we insist that the owner has a thorough inventory and schedule of condition prepared prior to the commencement of your tenancy This will be conducted and produced by a third party and provided to you at the beginning of your tenancy. With this in place, both you and your landlord are protected and this document will be used to determine the status of your deposit return subject to the checkout being conducted and whether any deterioration has occurred during the tenancy.
  6. Your Deposit - Protected: Your deposit will be protected by us when we’re employed by the landlord to manage the property and tenancy on their behalf. If we are not managing the property, we obtain a contractual undertaking from the landlord that they will have your deposit registered within the legal timeframe.
  7. Tenant Portal: You will be able to log in to your account where by you’ll be able log a maintenance issue, view it’s status, see when your rent’s due and view your tenancy agreement.
  8. We Communicate Regularly: In our experience, one of the most common and frequent complaints from tenants is a lack of communication. We have, therefore, taken a very proactive approach to ensuring that whatever your reason is for contacting us before, during, or after your tenancy, we will respond within a reasonable timeframe and continue to do so for as long as necessary. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you’re not getting the support you deserve so we will do our utmost to pre-empt your reason to contact us as best as we can so as to keep you satisfied and updated about the matter in hand.
  9. We’re Local Experts: We know the areas we cover exceptionally well which means we’ll be able to offer the best advice from which is the best place to get a coffee nearby to which school has the best reports. Put us to the test and get in touch to enquire about our properties.
  10. Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) Propertymark - Why being ARLA Propertymark qualified matters.
    Letting agents are not regulated and anyone can let a home on your behalf. We strongly believe tenants and landlords should only use lettings experts who:
    • Protect your rent in a third party account and have client money protection;
    • Understand and keep up to date with lettings legislation;
    • Can refer you to an independent third party if you are unhappy and wish to make a complaint.
    To make sure you rent and let a home legally and safely in the UK, you should only use a letting agent who is a member of ARLA Propertymark. Click HERE to see the latest television commercial.

What our ARLA Propertymark membership means to you

ARLA is a professional body which self-regulates letting agents to ensure members provide you with the highest levels of customer service. Membership means James Edward Lettings has to:

  • Abide by a robust Code of Practice;
  • Protect your rent and any deposits via a Client Money Protection Bonding Scheme;
  • Insure landlords and tenants against loss of rent due to business financial issues;
  • Provide a free Complaints Procedure, which includes disciplinary measures;
  • Insure landlords and tenants against loss through Professional Indemnity insurance.