Rent Guarantee

The letting out of a property can provide landlords with numerous risks to consider before committing to a tenancy.

One of the main risks a landlord has to bear in mind is the potential rent default of the tenant. We’re generally a good judge of character and we obviously have prospective tenants thoroughly referenced, but you can never predict what hardship may lie ahead in the future. The question a landlord has to ask is "Can you cover your expenditure if this happened?"

Well, luckily, we are able to offer our landlords a very comprehensive policy which covers landlords against loss of rent throughout the tenancy.

Benefits Include:

  • 100% of the monthly rent for the tenancy until vacant possession of the property has been obtained;
  • Unlimited period of rent arrears paid;
  • No excess to pay;
  • Legal Expenses covered up to £50,000 per incident;

We’ve negotiated a favourable rate for this insurance to pass on to clients of James Edward, so if you want complete peace of mind, take advantage of this offer and contact us to discuss.