Maintenance - How-To Guides

In this section we have included common property maintenance queries made by tenants. This is for general information and any queries should be directed to your property manager.

The videos are supplied courtesy of suppliers such as British Gas but any call-outs should be referred to your property manager as the landlord may have a home-care package through a specific supplier.

To view in "full screen" mode simply click the rectangle icon in the bottom right of the screenshot next to the You Tube logo.

How to bleed a radiator - British Gas

Craig Phillips explains how to bleed a radiator if you are experiencing cold spots.

How to get the best from your storage heaters

Energy Savings Trust explains how best to heat your home and save energy with storage heaters.

How to check your water pressure - British Gas

Tony Jones, a British Gas engineer shows you how to check your boiler's water pressure should you lose heat or hot water.

How to reset your fuse box

Resetting trip switches on your fuse box.

Installing, maintaining and testing smoke alarms - Fire & Rescue Service

How to fit, maintain and test smoke alarms.

Condensation - an NLA guide

Controlling condensation and mould growth in residential property.

How to use thermostatic radiator valves - British Gas

Tony Jones, a British Gas engineer, explains how to use thermostatic radiator valves.

What to do if your central heating and hot water stops working - British Gas

Tony Jones, a British Gas engineer shows you simple steps to check if you have a fault.

Change the batteries in a wireless thermostats - John C Flood

How to change batteries in a wireless thermostat to adjust heating timers and temperature.

Home security tips - Cheshire Constabulary

Tips and advice on keeping your home safe and secure from intruders.

How to read your electric meter

How to read your electric meter.

How to not loose your Tenancy Deposit

The Tenancy Deposit Scheme presents advice on how to not loose your deposit.

Below are some other useful tips:

How to clean a smelly washing machine

How to unblock a sink

How to unblock a toilet

How to unblock a bath or shower

Unblocking drains

If these videos or guides are unable to help please remember to let your property manager know what you have checked should you need them to organise an engineer visit.